Lana Del Rey was interviewed by Hew Stephens today, in a secret posh hotel! They spoke about the Ride music video, which she revealed is 10 minutes long. They also spoke about the upcoming Paradise Edition, the H&M adverts, the Del Rey bag and her 8 track playlist, which consisted of Marina and the Diamonds! Listen to the interview below! (Sorry that it cut off at the end! It was only like 10 seconds gone though)

Highlights include:

  • Lana revealed the ‘Ride’ music video will be 10 minutes long!
  • She revealed that she is a vegetarian!
  • She revealed that she has an 8 track playlist, consisting of Marina and the Diamonds ‘Teen Idle’
  • She also spoke about Fearne Cotton, and that she ‘drops her a text now and again’.
  • She also said that she says ‘trust no one, but doesn’t really mean it’

  • BBC Radio 1


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