Lana Del Rey celebrates her one year anniversity with ‘Born To Die’ today! It became a smash hit album in 2012, making the list of many leaderboards for the best -selling albums in the UK, and the world. It sold over 700k in the UK (also 3x Platium), GOLD in the US with 500k sales and collectively around the world has acumaliated sales of 3.3million worldwide! Not only was the album a smash, but the singles today sold almost 5 million worldwide! ‘Video Games’ became a smash-hit in the UK, following Born To Die and Blue Jeans, and Summertime Sadness smashed the charts in Germany. It followed a magnicent video of National Anthem, which was another highlight of the album; its music videos! And this era has not even stopped, as it still sells weekly worldwide 10’s of thousands of copies! And she added more songs by re-releasing the album (as well as additional making an EP ‘Paradise). And the era has not ended here, as confirmation from a week ago, that Dark Paradise (you can listen to the radio mix here) will undergo the single treatment in Germany with an accompained music video!
The critics may have slated the album at first (only due to her SNL performance) but by the end of the year, she had changed many critics minds, and became one of the best albums to be released in 2012 (and yes, we are still mad that she didn’t get any Grammy nominations, and it solidly should!) The album itself ended up on 18 Year End Official Charts, was #1 in 13 charts and Top 5 in 28 charts!
   This is not to mention that the album itself, and it’s singles and music video came home with awards and nominations. She won International Breakthrough Artist at the BRIT’s, Woman of the Year at the GQ Men of the Year Awards,  Favourite International Music Video for ‘Video Games’ at the Independent Music Awards, Best Contemporary Song for ‘Video Games’ at the Ivor Novello Awards, an EMA Award for ‘Best Alternative’, VMA nominations for ‘Born To Die’ and theres more!
This era has truely been amazing, and we still have more to come. Dark Paradise (and an except for Paradise) we have Cola as the worldwide single, confirmed with JustJared. This year has only just begun, and she has graced many magazine covers, and we look forward to more! We will also hopefully she her appear at this years BRIT Awards 2013, as she’s nominated again for ‘Best International Female Artist’ (See more here) as well as embarking on a European tour, which has sold out and grossed over 8 million (See more about the dates, as well as purchasing tickets here). Not only that, but as she confirmed last year, this year she will be scoring films, as is rumoured to be featuring on the soundtracks of ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Sin City 2′ as well as the unknown film ‘Tropico’.
We’ve had a fantastic album given to us a year ago, and we thank you Lana Del Rey, for gracing 2011/2012 with such perfect songs, lyrics and videos. We look forward to celebrating more sucessess of the album this year, and hope that you continue what you wish to pursue.

On the note of congratulating, we like to thank our twitter followers and we recently surprassed the milestone of 20,000 followers, still remaining the most followed news account of Lana Del Rey on twitter. We’d like to thank you for supporting us, and making it possible! We hope you stick with us for more surprises along the way, and to hear everything first!

***ALSO: Recently, you may have been trying to access the website, and been denied due to undergoing maintaince. This is because we are applying our new theme, as you know we’ve had this since we’ve began, and it’s time for a 2013 change. It looks amazing at the moment, and the shoot used is perfection. I can’t wait for you to experience it! Thank you again.


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