Lana Del Rey has many inspirations, and one of them is Britney Spears. In an interview, she has expressed her views as ‘Compelling’ and expresses high views on her looks and singing. Below is what she send, and if you wish to read the full article, click here

But the “Video Games” singer told England’s Magic 105.4 that one of her big fashion and music icons is Britney Spears.

“I’m not really interested in a ton of female musicians but there is something about Britney that compelled me – the way she sings and just the way she looks,” Del Rey said. And even though she’s just released her major-label debut under the Del Rey name, she added that she’s already kind of over music-making. “The thing that makes me happy now isn’t really singing,” she said. “Music was once the be-all and end-all, but when you lose everything you have over and over again, it’s not so important.”

Source: MTV

Image Inspired by: FuckYeahLanaDelRey

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