Lana is set to perform on German TV-Show “Schlag den Raab“,

Schlag den Raab is a game/quiz show, where Stefan Raab, a famous German entertainer/TV personality, competes against a candidate. They have to do different games, sports, challenges etc. and the show always goes on for 3-5 hours (depends on how quickly the winner is determined). to mix things up and give the the contestants breaks to recover, there are several musical guests during the show. They only perform (one song), and there are no interviews as the show focuses on the fight between the host and his opponent. there’s usually 3 or 4 show acts, and neither the order nor the time of their performances are announced beforehand. so the only way to catch Lana is to watch the whole show.

I see German Team Lana will be watching¬†“Schlag den Raab” a lot more now.

Special Thanks to Anna for the Info


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