As you will no doubt be well aware, Lana Del Rey’s H&M ad aired overnight. It features Lana singing ‘Blue Velvet’ in a sort of pretend David Lynch-type scenario.

Your first thought, presumably, is ‘where the bloody hell was the Log Lady?’.

You might also be thinking to yourself, ‘what this really needs is for Penguin Prison to turn up with a bag of spanners and give this song a good going over in a winningly relaxed but still pulsating electrodisco style’.

Well we can’t help with the whereabouts of the Log Lady but we can help with the Penguin Prison remix which, as you are about to hear, is pretty special. It could do with a bit more vocal in it but we’ve been saying this about 78% of all remixes for years and nobody listens so OH WELL.

Check out the remix below,

Source: PopJustice

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