We are incredibly happy to announce that we are collaborating on a very special project with fellow Lana fansite, LanaDaily.com; the Lana Del Rey Birthday Project!

The Project consists of two different gifts we are going to present to Lana:

Birthday Card:

The first is a simple birthday card that we would design for Lana that would be full of fans’ signatures. We thought of many different ways of acquiring these, but the simplest and most efficient way is for every fan to sign his or her name on a blank sheet of paper, which he or she would then scan onto their computer to send to us.

Birthday Video:

The second is something a bit more complex. We’re going to make a video for Lana consisting of videos, pictures, designs from fans, all wishing her a happy birthday. You could film yourself, take a picture of yourself holding up a card, design a graphic, anything goes!

The deadline to submit everything is June 1You can e-mail your submissions to us over at lanadelreybirthdayproject@gmail.com at any time before the deadline. The sooner, the better! We hope you guys participate!

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